Is our host agency program right for you?

Are you a large host looking for additional owner/manager tools for managing your hosting program along with a professional outlet when needed for customized advice?

Do your IC’s have the most competitive consumer exclusive offers, promotions and programs?

Are you a small business travel agency owner looking to get into hosting to grow your business?

Although the total number of brick-and-mortar agencies has shrunk over the past decade, the number of Independent Contractors (IC) has soared.  To tap into this major selling force in retail travel, Travel Leaders Network has developed the Host Agency+ Program for our member agencies.  Packed with IC marketing, IC recruitment and host agency management best practices, the Host Agency+ Program provides all the tools you need.

  • Professionalizing Host Management:
    • SME guidance
    • Group calls
    • Facilitated peer-to-peer networking
    • Individual agency diagnostic analysis
  • Deep resource library available 24/7 exclusively for participating agencies
  • IC Education and Communication for Host Agencies to use with their IC Network:
    • IC Leaning Path – logical sequence of progressive learning
  • Annual Host Agency Forum: A gathering of Travel Leaders Network Host Agency owners and managers for a deep dive by industry expert’s participation in Masterminds Session.
  • IC Recruitment Program: match-making relationship tool for participating Host Agencies.

Every business requires a solid foundation to grow upon.  Hosting independent contractors requires particular attention to the organizational setup in order to operate efficiently, stay ahead of fraud and to avoid serious legal complications.  Travel Leaders Network understands host agencies needs and offers the Host Agency Program for its members.

To become a Travel Leaders Network member, and for more information on the Host Agency Program, please contact Lea Diele, at