More and more travel agencies are diversifying their business mix by tapping into the lucrative world of corporate travel. But creating and managing a unique travel management program can be tricky. Today’s business clients are seeking lower costs, greater value and powerful assessment and reporting options. With Travel Leaders Network, you can grow your corporate travel business by offering customized solutions backed by our tools and resources.

With Travel Leaders Network, you can grow your corporate travel business by offering customized solutions backed by our tools and resources with a dedicated Business Travel Center of Excellence Team providing you with resources and updates.

Through the Business Travel Plus program, you’ll have access to several specialized components to assist you:

  • RFP assistance and guidance
  • Assistance with sales presentations
  • Client performance reviews
  • Client seminars and webinars
  • Assistance on global bids
  • Conducting customer surveys
  • And much more, our business lead generation tool, attracts high-quality leads that average $275k-$350K per lead, all by promoting  your distinct travel capabilities and personality. Through this powerful tool, your agency will be able to showcase:

  • Industries you serve
  • Technological distinctions
  • Individualized business profiles
  • Languages spoken
  • Locations and contact information
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Travel Leaders Global Network is a powerful, customizable global solution for your corporate travelers abroad – providing local expertise and assistance wherever in the world your clients travel. Through our Network, your clients have access to:

  • Tailored travel management matched with unique local insights
  • Trusted information and assistance in 90+ countries
  • Support in every major business market and many emerging ones

All of our worldwide agencies.


CARE gives you the powerful assistance and innovative technology you need to keep your travelers updated and accounted for worldwide. Powered by our partners at StabilitasCARE combines reliable pre-trip risk advisories, global alerts, an interactive traveler dashboard, and two-way communication with travelers – all through one integrated platform. 

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SecurePay is an innovative turn-key solution that alleviates common payment problems. An effective, low-cost solution, SecurePay reduces fraud and improves compliance, efficiency and visibility by giving you the power to send one-time-use credit card numbers to your vendors.

With the  CONNECT mobile travel solution, your travelers can quickly use text messaging to make or change reservations, receive flight disruptions before they derail a trip, and easily chat with you or your team live.