Our integrated technology tools work together to improve efficiencies, increase productivity and promote agency growth. With the Network behind you, the tools that showcase your expertise are always one step ahead.

Cruise Complete is our efficient and reliable tool to compare and book a wide selection of cruise vacations through one intuitive, web-based system.

Use Cruise Complete to increase your profits:

  • Earn enhanced commissions with Travel Leaders Network Preferred Suppliers
  • Earn more with cabin upgrades and post-booking add-ons such as insurance and excursions
  • Book exclusive Distinctive Voyages, Amenity Departure Dates and Your Agency Group value-adds to help close the sale

Use Cruise Complete to increase your efficiency:

  • Integration with ClientBase and AgentMate
  • Side-by-side comparisons of cruise lines, ships, itineraries and pricing
  • Access to real-time cabin availability, pricing, deck plans, itinerary maps and stateroom images
  • Ability to book multiple cabins at the same time
  • Robust booking modification functions
  • Ability to email agency-customized side-by-side comparisons, quotes and confirmations to your clients

Travel Leaders Network’s new one-stop web-based search and booking tool for all your agency’s air, hotel, and car reservation needs. Designed with advisor input, the point-and-click interface makes profiting from air a breeze.

How your agency will benefit:

  • New and/or enhanced revenue stream for your agency by profiting from both airline commissions and your air booking service fees
  • Easily access the latest NDC fares without the complexity of GDS commands
  • Quickly find and book our proprietary value-added SELECT and CURATED hotel programs
  • Save money for your clients with BAR or better WORLDWIDE Hotel property bookings
  • Completely manage end-to-end travel needs in one place without a GDS system
  • Serve all your clients’ needs rather than referring them to an OTA or airline to book their own flights

SNAP will help boost efficiency and productivity:

  • Simple, point-and-click solution — if you can use Google, you can master SNAP
  • Full transparency — commissions are displayed to the advisor at the time of booking
  • Compare air, hotel, and car choices side by side to zero in on the best options for your clients
  • Our air desk checks air bookings to help prevent costly mistakes
  • No debit memos incurred from airlines on ticketing errors
  • Find all your client’s air bookings in one convenient place

A Solution for your Travel Agency Needs

AgentMate is designed to manage nearly every component of a travel agency’s business. The application handles Front, Mid, and Back Office Accounting; meaning that you can invoice your client, document incoming client transactions, record expected commission from vendors, document the ultimate receipt of those commissions, and document the revenue you earn on those bookings as well as the incentive being paid to your agents. AgentMate was built by Travel Advisors for Travel Advisors!

Travel Leaders Network offers a choice of corporate travel booking tools designed for business travelers so that you can find the best fit for your agency, as well as your clients. We are pleased to extend administration and support of these products to our agencies. This allows you to concentrate on account management and growing your business travel services. Moreover, we offer a suite of marketing templates for your use including presentations and RFPs.