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Distinctive Voyages Testimonial by Virginia Barthel

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Distinctive Voyages Testimonial by Phil Doyle

Distinctive Voyages Testimonial by Tim Walsh, Cruise Holidays, Hampstead, NC

I hosted my first Distinctive Voyages cruise in June of 2014 aboard Celebrity Eclipse to Northern Europe and the Baltics.  It was a new class of ship for me but I had sailed and sold a number of Celebrity cruises in the decade before. This “new to me” experience with a new class of ship and hosting responsibilities was just the beginning of an exciting addition to my travel and business portfolio.

Over the years I have been given the opportunity to host and experience brands that I wanted to add to my “been there, done that” list.  As advisors we all know that it is easier to sell a product or experience if we have first hand knowledge.  The Distinctive Voyages program is the perfect opportunity for the experienced travel advisor to expand their business and travel worlds.  It has the added benefit of being a pre-built cruise group for your friends, family and cruise clients.

Carolyn Bryant, Let’s Go Travel, Burlington, Ontario

What I love about the Distinctive Voyages program is not only the opportunity to sail at a reduced cost but the opportunity to meet so many new people!  I enjoy talking and sharing my journeys and to also be in a position to assist others in shore recommendations or ship questions brings me a lot of joy.  I find organizing and building our on-board group relations with the guests very rewarding.  Having them thank me and tell me how much I added to their wonderful vacation at the end of the cruise is always the best part.

Eric Ardolino:  A & S Travel Center,

I feel the most important thing when you are a host is your credibility. If you are good enough to be picked to go on a sailing with other Agent’s customers as a host, your customers will recognize this ability and automatically give the agent the credit for the knowledge which they deserve. Not everyone can qualify as a host!

Julianne Evans, Julie’s Travel, Ponoka, Alberta

Joining the Distinctive Voyages program as a Host was one of the best investments, I have made in my 32 year travel career! Each sailing I host, I invite my clients to sail with me. I have had as many as 48 of my own clients join my sailing (which boosts my sales). The commission generated on those sales, pays for my airfare & incidentals. Being part of the Distinctive Voyages program has allowed me to experience some beautiful ships, on some amazing itineraries, meeting some wonderful people. I highly recommend becoming a Distinctive Voyages Host. It is a great opportunity to learn & grow your business.

Lisa Whyte: Cruise Holidays PLUS, Lindsay, Ontario

At risk of hyperbole, Distinctive Voyages has changed my life: personally and professionally.

When I first heard of Distinctive Voyages, I wondered why it hadn’t been promoted more. What an absolutely amazing opportunity for clients to receive extra amenities, just for booking through a Travel Leaders agent. When I heard that it was actually possible for me to apply to be a Distinctive Voyage Host, I jumped at the chance and was fortunate enough to be selected. My love of the program motivated THREE other agents in our office to apply and become hosts.

Being able to incentivize the program to doubting clients by being a host and sharing my experiences has proved to be beneficial in closing many sales.

Personally, having the opportunity to sail to such to variety of countries on the world’s greatest cruise ships and meet such a variety of passengers has enriched my life beyond measure.

I spread the Distinctive Voyages joy wherever and whenever possible!

Marilyn Atkins

Our Distinctive Voyages journey has brought us notoriety among our clients and other travel agencies.  Our clients, truly now our friends, have just called and wanted to know which cruises we were hosting so they could go with us.  Talk about easy sales; AND they’ve had such positive experiences with the program that they’re now “hooked”.

As one of the first hosts to begin the program, we’ve learned how a great program began and how it’s grown and prospered with the care of all you all, our “support team”.

The on-going training, attending every EDGE conference, meeting the other DV hosts and learning so many GREAT ideas from them has made us more attuned to being more successful and having way less stressful groups.  We appreciate the many different cruises that are offered so that we can “sell” what our clients and friends want when we host.  The ongoing support of the DV department has been the biggest reason the program is successful and envied by other NON TLN agencies.  The DV leaders are always “there” for us and we feel that the program wouldn’t be the same without them.  Y’all just keep doing what you’re doing and there will be no end to the successes that follow.

Anita Carson: Vice President, Villas and Voyages, Alexandria, VA

“The Distinctive Voyages Program has been a tremendous help to me in growing my business. Having the value-added experience with the DV complimentary shore event has helped me close sales and given me a leg-up against my competitors. The program allows me to use my destination experience and leadership skills sharing my knowledge to like-minded travelers. Additionally, the opportunity to sail to destinations I haven’t been before, always enhances my professional development and provides me with more education I can share with future clients. My participation in the program is very rewarding to me professionally and personally without a doubt…. and can’t wait to experience my next host assignment”

Anita Thompson: Cruise Holidays, Oklahoma City, OK

Being a Distinctive Voyages host has helped me learn more about the world and other cultures:

  • Increased my knowledge about cruise lines, ships, and their processes.
  • Gained experience hosting groups that gave me more confidence to host my own groups.
  • Gave me the opportunity to visit countries that were on my “bucket list.”