Three Major Tips for Travel Agency Success

by Jared Braunstein
Vice President, Strategic Accounts
Travel Leaders Network

Running a successful travel agency can be quite challenging. There are numerous details to focus on, which is why agencies join a travel marketing group to help them across the board. Here are three tips to master those big picture items that all travel agencies must keep in sight in order to improve daily, generate more sales and grow.

Tip #1: Planning and Implementation
It’s crucial to have a marketing plan in place for your agency. Putting your name in front of your customer through vehicles such as direct mail or email and building brand awareness is so important in today’s marketplace. Travel Leaders Network’s Engagement direct mail and email marketing solution is a fantastic benefit that you can take advantage of and utilize as a marketing plan for your agency. If you don’t have a marketing plan, this program will easily fulfill this need; and if you have a marketing plan, I suggest you supplement your current plan with the Engagement tool for a powerful one-two punch.

Tip #2: Knowledge and Focus
Always continue to educate yourself and take advantage of every type of training available to you. Whether it’s with a local sales rep to update you on their product, live training events or recorded webinars, training is an invaluable tool that will provide you with more knowledge to pass on to your clients. At Travel Leaders Network, we place a high priority on training, which is why we provide a wide range of learning opportunities to our members, from live and recorded webinars to regional events and our national meeting. The more you learn, the more you earn. Plain and simple.

Tip #3: Productivity and Adaption
Embrace technology! There are so many useful tools in today’s marketplace that allow for an agency to be more efficient and drive more sales. Technology tools can serve numerous functions: they can be booking tools that keep you one step ahead of the internet; or they can be promotional solutions that gain you more visibility to new clients. Those who do not embrace technology get left behind, and we don’t want that to happen to you!